So many people have so many things to say about Jim, so to summarise his character on this site for those that didn't know him, was always going to be a very hard thing to do. To capture some of the influence he had on his friends, family and peers, we have added the text of the Eulogies that were read at St. Alban’s Cathedral and Verulam Golf Club on the day of his Funeral.

To see how much of an impact Jim's sad departure had not just on his immediate family and friends but on the wider community follow the links on this page to see some of the media coverage following June 11th.

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Below are some extracts from online and local & national newspapers that covered Jim's story..

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21 April 2008 St Albans Review Three Peaks Challenge
24 April 2008 Herts Advertiser Commemorating fallen heroes
23 April 2008 St Albans Review May we be worthy of their sacrifice
20 April 2008 Herts Advertiser (Web) Ceremony honours soldiers killed in the Falklands and Afghanistan
20 April 2008 St Albans Review (Web) A moving ceremony honoured the memory of two fallen soldiers
20 April 2008 Photographs Park Street Memorial dedication
17 April 2008 Herts Advertiser Special ceremony to honour two soldiers
21 February 2008 Herts Advertiser Afghan soldier was unlawfully killed
7 July 2006 The Sun Dad's tribute to hero Brit
31 May 2007 Daily Telegraph 50 Servicemen who have lost their lives
June 2006 Evening Standard Parents speak of their Special Son
28 June 2006 St Albans Review Final Farewell
June 2006 Local Press Soldier, Son, Brother, Friend. Captain Philippson's headstone
28 June 2006 Herts Advertiser Captain Jim's funeral - Childhood friend pays homage
14 June 2006 House of Commons Question Time Tony Blair's statement
13 June 2006 BBC News The first British soldier to be killed in action in the Helmand province
June 2006 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery Captain Jim Philippson killed in Afghanistan on Sunday 11 June 2006.
June 2006 Eulogy Colonel David Hammond
June 2006 Eulogy Captain Andy Cox
June 2006 Eulogy Ben Salter
June 2006 Eulogy Bill Gurney