Captain James “Jim” Philippson was
killed in action in Afghanistan on
11th June 2006.

Jim was part of a rapid reaction unit called out from Forward Operating Base Robinson to rescue an injured comrade whose patrol had been ambushed and was under sustained and heavy attack in Sangin.

Before reaching their comrades the rapid reaction unit was also ambushed and it was during this attack that Jim sadly lost his life.

The Captain James Philippson Trust Fund and website has been set up by Jim’s friends and family to try to give some value and benefit to the tragedy that we have all experienced.

Funds raised in the name of the Trust will go to a variety of beneficiaries and charities that we feel Jim would have supported.

The Grant Board welcome any recommendations or requests for donations to specific charities or causes and a decision will be made by the board bearing in mind “what Jim would want”.

The Charity Aid Foundation validates and approves all donations before they are issued from the fund.

All donations will be posted on the “beneficiaries” page of this website.

It saddens us to report the sudden death of Tony Philippson, James' father on 10th June 2014.

The strength of character, nobility, courage and resolve shown by him when he was fighting the cause of our soldiers in conflict is clearly a characteristic which both he and James shared.

Instead of floral tributes we ask for donations to the Captain James Philippson Trust by following the Donate link above. This will help us to continue our efforts on behalf of our chosen charities.

Update from The Soldiers' Charity
The Trust recently received this update from The Soldiers' Charity, previously known as the Army Benevolent Fund, which was James' inital chosen charity.

So good to know that we have helped in a small way

Click here to see how we helped

We are looking for anyone who would like to undertake an adventure or an endurance challenge to feed the ever needy reserves of the Trust, so that we can help those in times of trouble.

Whether you want to jump from a plane, knit the longest scarf in the world, climb Everest or eat a record breaking amount of hotdogs, please consider the Captain James Philippson Trust.

As long as it's legal we would be delighted to hear from you.


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